Ceremony Explanation

Wedding Blessings and Vow Renewal ceremonies have been designed as something different to be included in your wedding day celebrations. Also many couples wish to come back to this area to renew their wedding vows and don’t really know what to do or how to provide something different for the main wedding party. If you are thinking along these lines, then this may be what you are looking for.
The ceremonies are bespoke and based on the art of Handfasting. In a bygone age a handfasting ceremony was an ancient marriage ritual. Today, a handfasting ceremony is a beautiful and unique way to represent your union and honour your heritage. Many wedding celebrants tie the hands immediately after the wedding ceremony, but this is not a handfasting or wedding blessing, there is much more meaning to it than that.

The ceremonies can be conducted anywhere at all, but in a bygone age, a favourite place was at a point where two rivers meet. The theory behind that was if you can separate these waters, then you can separate this couple. Since then things have changed and the ceremonies can be conducted either indoor or outside at a favourite spot and your hotel or venue.

The ceremonies can be either 3 cord or 6 cord ceremonies depending on the size of the wedding party and for the ties we use our own clan tartan. However if you have material precious to you and wish to use that then that is fine. Ties can be 2 - 3" in breadth, but need to be at least 24" in length to allow a proper tie to be made.

If there is a piper we can use him also during the ceremony. The vows we use have been taken from ceremonies throughout the centuries and are much more appropriate and meaningful to the couple. The ceremonies also allow (if required) some guests to take part in the form of small paragraph readings and in the tying of the hands and this makes the event even more special. We bring the hand ties with us and they are left with the couple as a keep sake as is a certificate stating they have taken part in a blessing ceremony.

There are no set times for the ceremonies to take place but they often work best in the evenings just before the first dance. The popularity here is that this allows your evening guests who weren’t at the main ceremony to be involved in the celebrations as well.
If a couple come to renew their wedding vows on their own then we adapt the ceremony to suit the situation. The photographs on the web site here show couples who have experienced a wedding blessing, and the feedback has been so positive. Feel free to contact us with questions you may have.